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 Bus Disclaimer and Cancellation Policy




With using this Service you accept the following terms and conditions. If you do NOT agree with any part of the following terms and conditions, you MUST NOT use this service.

This reservation booking and informational service is operated by ITT, a division of the 52nd Force Squadron of the United States Air Force Europe (USAFE) and the content and data coming with this service are copyrighted by ITT and/or its various third party providers and vendors.

For legitimate reservations and purchases, you may use this service and do not use this service to make false, fraudulent, speculative or any reservation in anticipation of demand.

All information given by you will be governed by the Privacy Act Information provided by ITT through this service and will not be sold or made available to any organization outside of ITT.

Armed Forces Active Duty Personnel, DOD Personnel, Government Employees, American Civil ID card holders and their families are eligible to use the ITT service.



a) ITT is only an agent for various hotels, contractors, bus companies, and travel agents and is in no way responsible or to be held liable for their obligations, accidents, delays, or losses...

b) ITT and Commercial Agencies reserve the right to alter itineraries as needed -  due to certain unforeseen circumstances the itinerary is subject to change!

c) ITT and Commercial Agencies reserve the right to cancel bus tours, should a minimum participation not be reached any time. 

d) Non-smoking and non-alcoholic tour bus and ITT does not accept intoxicated customers and bad behavior on our tours.

e) After completing your tour reservation, the travel agent will provide you with a copy of the registration along with the tour flyer. Please keep these as they provide pertinent information regarding departure places and times, policies, details of the tour, emergency phone numbers etc and are required to show your tour escort you are booked for the tour.

f) Costs for services, which are advertised as #included# on the tour flyer, will be paid by the tour company. To ensure you have enough extra money, please read your flyer to find out which extra costs might occur on the tour (i.e. optional tours, admission fees, meals, etc.). 

g)We recommend to buy entrance tickets, which are not included in the price and you buy by yourself after the tour has been confirmed. But there will be no refund for private purchases when the trip has to be canceled due to world impacts or other impacts any time.

h)ITT sends a tour escort along with our trips. Please understand an ITT Escort is not a professional tour guide but more of a host/hostess to assist you with general questions and concerns and to pass on basic information. If your tour includes a guided city tour, in most cases we hire a local tour guide to give you detailed information about your travel destination. 

i)For your own enjoyment and that of your fellow passengers please keep the buses clean during your trip. Avoid eating “messy food” and use the garbage cans on the bus or take your garbage outside at the next available stop. Also, most buses are equipped with a toilette. Please use the bus bathroom only in emergencies, as the water supply is limited to about 30 flushes.

j)There are no amount, weight or size restrictions for luggage on the bus, but please be aware that for safety reasons all bags, suitcases, and coolers that will not fit underneath your seat must go in the luggage compartment underneath the bus as the aisle must remain clear at all times. 

k) Separating from the tour group: If you prefer to explore a destination on your own, away from the tour group, in most cases you are free to do so. However, before you leave please inform your tour escort and ensure you have the exact time and place, when and where, you must meet back with the group

l) Comment Cards: We strongly encourage you to fill out the ITT tour comment cards that will be given out on every tour by our tour escort. It’s very helpful if you also give us your name and a contact, so we are able to reply to your comment. Your opinion, to include suggestions, recommendations, critiques, or compliments help us to provide the best customer service possible






d)I-the signed customer -am 18 years or older



a) Due to current world events and the refugee crisis in Europe, valid U.S Tourist Passports, Non-FEE Passports, Military ID s and a copy of orders are required for all ITT Tours. (even within Germany)

b) It is in your responsibility to meet all entry requirements of your destination country of all parties signed up.

c) Please check the validity of your passport and review current VISA requirements with the appropriate embassies.

d) In case of not having proper travel documents, the bus escorts have the right NOT to let you on the bus.

e) All costs created due to NOT having proper travel documents are in the customers' liability.

f) The customer leaving Germany is solely responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents, including any required visas.

g) The customer is responsible for complying with the laws of each country traveling from the departure country, through any transit countries, and into the destination country.

h) With NO TOURIST PASSPORT and NO NON FEE PASSPORT for dependents, there will be NO transportation and NO REFUND!!!

i) In order to find the exact requirements about different countries please contact the consulate of the country you are traveling to or check the website mentioned below.

j) Traveling with ITT you must be an ID card holder by regulation or be sponsored by one. The ID Cardholder must sign the tour registration form. For family members or non-ID cardholders, the sponsor or ID card holder has to travel with them all the time. It is the ID card holders responsibility that all travel members have proper travel documents and a base entry pass.

k) You can obtain your base entry pass from the Pass & ID office outside the main gate; ID card holders and visitors must be present at the time of issue. 





a) All bus tour bookings require a full payment of the tour price and must be paid at the time of sign-ups.

b) For the overnight bus trips, a down payment of 50% is possibly more than 4 weeks of the departure day. Rest payment is due 2 weeks before departure day.

c) Payment can be done in cash EURO or Dollar or with a Credit Card. ITT accepts AX, VI, MC  

d) All concert and event tickets must also be paid in full at the time of sign-up and are non-refundable.



a) ITT offers an early booking discount 3 weeks in advance 5 Euro or 7 $.

b) 5% discount when showing the Club Card for overnight trips but NOT for day trips. No early booking discount additionally.

c) SAPI price for selected bus trips. SAPI price is only possible for a U.S. Active Duty or Air Reserve Component personnel permanently 

 assigned to an Air Force Installation or Air Force-led Joint Base WITHOUT a spouse    

d) NO discount for SAPI price

e) NO SAPI price for accompanied children - they pay children price

f) NO early booking discount for infants



ITT and Commercial Agencies have cancellation fees for all tours. In all cases, a cancellation fee will be charged according to the cancellation policies on the itinerary.


a) private reason :

-  a fee of 25 % of the total tour price if canceled more than 2 weeks before departure - for DAY TRIPS       

-  a fee of 50 % of the total tour price if canceled within 2 weeks before departure - for

-  No refund for same day cancellation/no shows -  regardless of reason-for DAY TRIPS

-  FEES for Overnight trips differ from the day trips due to deadlines from the operators/hotels- normally 50 % until the published deadline, no refund from deadline to depart

-   Fees are always per person                                    

b) work reason:   

-   No fee, if a signed letter by the supervisor is provided to ITT not later than 3 business days after the tour departs, 

-   No refund, if this condition is not met.

c) SAPI tours :    

-   No refund ANY TIME for day and overnight trips, in case of a no show there will be no further SAPI trips available for the registered individual

d) overnight trips: 

-  Special cancellation condition due to different deadlines from the contractors -see on the specific flyer

e) You have to notify ITT about your cancellation immediately!!!!!

f) Travel Insurance: Cancellation insurance is available at the request of the client


-Canceled FROM ITT

-Full refund if ITT cancels the trip

- Under most circumstances, tour cancellations are announced 2-3 days prior to the departure for day trips and several weeks before departure for the overnight trips. In this case, ITT will call to notify you. Usually, if you do not hear from us, your tour is confirmed. 

- Passenger Safety is a big concern to ITT. We want to ensure you that ITT’s awareness is growing with the increasing worldwide threats. Should we get an official warning that traveling to a certain destination is strongly not recommended and/or prohibited, ITT will cancel the tour. If we get a message that only increased awareness and caution for a destination is recommended, the tour will continue as planned

- Tour cancellations due to weather conditions: Our tour buses are very well equipped and prepared for winter weather, therefore our tours will not be canceled due to bad weather unless road conditions are officially declared as extremely risky. 





a) proper travel documents

b) Proper conduct throughout the tour. ITT does NOT accept intoxicated customers and bad behavior on the trips

c) bring ITT receipt to the bus, EUROS for Meals, Drinks & Purchases, we recommend to bring snacks, water, and a small pillow and a blanket, bring comfortable walking shoes, a camera, and an umbrella

d) Any damage to the bus, hotel room etc. during the tour

e )making sure to depart from the correct location at the correct time and boarding the correct bus:

     additional costs for missing the bus are in the customer s  liability

f) All persons who sponsor a non-ID cardholder are responsible for ALL DEBTS incurred by the guests.

g) Please make sure to pack your bags accordingly, i.e. take everything you need throughout the bus ride with you to your seat and leave the rest in the trunk

h) Use the bus bathroom only in emergencies, as the water supply is limited to about 30 flushes. Use the bathrooms at the rest stops.



a) Children under 6 years must have a child seat and have to remain buckled up all the time during the bus ride. German Law!

b) Infants

- (0-2) price is 25 Euro or 30 $ for day trips

- (0-2) price is 49 Euro or 60 $ for 1 overnight trip

- (0-2) for 2 overnight trips or longer is on request

-No early booking discount for infants



a) Tour prices are per person and based on double occupancy. Single room supplements will apply for one person occupying one room.

b)The supplement will be automatically charged on all overnight tours when one person occupies a room to her/himself. You are required to pay the supplement after notification.

c) In order to avoid paying this supplement, there must be at least 2 people in one room, so ask a friend to go with.



a) Customer has to arrive 15 minutes prior departure time at the bus/meeting point.

b)If you are late for the scheduled departure you may be left behind or be responsible for finding your own way home and the costs involved.

c) Before you leave the bus at your travel destination, know what your bus looks like (color, license plate, etc), where it is parked and when the bus is scheduled to leave.

d) If you are unsure please ask your bus escort for assistance

e) Please be careful you do not park your car in a restricted parking area while you are on a tour. Returning from a tour and being greeted by a parking ticket is not the nicest welcome.



a)The prices shown on the web page are based on availability at time of booking. 

b) ITT CAN NOT guarantee the availability and price until the purchase has been paid in full.

c) ITT CAN NOT be held responsible for the inability to provide an advertised tour if the tour has been sold out, canceled or altered since publication



a) Order foreign currency only, when the tour is confirmed from the Community Bank or a local German Bank

b) For most of the Eastern Block countries you CANNOT take their currency in or out of the country.

c) We recommend taking either US Dollars or Euro to exchange for their currency in their country.

d) Countries with Euro currency are e.g. Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Spain



a) Try to stay in groups of 2 or more at all times

b) Try to keep a low profile and don t do anything to draw attention to you

c) Have your tour escort s mobile number with you at all times and keep your cell phone on all the timed) Be wary of pickpockets and guard your valuables

e) The #Eagle Eyes# terrorist detection and prevention number is 06565 61 6666. Please contact this number if you notice any suspicious activity in the areas you are visiting.

f) In emergency situation dial 112 (valid all over European Union) to reach the police, ambulance, and fire department.

g)  the emergency meeting point will be shown to you in the itinerary when booking

h) If you choose to drink, DRINK RESPONSIBLY and have respect for other passengers and those around you. If you 've been drinking and need a ride home, please call a taxi or Airmen Against Drunk Driving at 06565 61 AADD (2233)


For detailed information on travel advisories and warnings, safety as well as on visa consulate issues we would like to recommend the following web pages: http://www.travel.state.gov, (STEP-Smart Traveler Enrollment Program); http://www.cdc.gov/travel/, and http://www.fcq.pentagon.mil/(FCG -Foreign Clearance Guide)

To find details on a specific country click on the “Travel warnings/ Consular info sheets” link and click on the country you need information on.



For any further information or questions please contact our ITT staff.

Thank you again for choosing ITT and we wish you a great tour!

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